How it’s possible to enter your Caridina in the competition.
1.You can register your group of shrimp  to Caridina NAQ Contest by completing the electronic registration form available on the official website of the event – Competitions Area.
2.Or by downloading the registration form from (inserire indirizzo) and sending it signed and filled in by fax +39(0) 81 8541250 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Tanks assignment for the competition:
For each category, according to the order of entries received, will be assigned the tank’s numbers. Each group participating in the competition must be delivered in a single bag where they will report the following data: Class, Gender and, if appropriate, the type or grade. Please write this information on the bag legibily with a permanent and waterproof maker. The participant’s name must not be written on the transport packet.
The packet will be open only by the organizing committee, headed by Mr Andrea Sassi (NaQ responsible). The group can be take to the show in person or by a person who deputize the owner. In doing so, you must ensure that the transport packet will be delivered to an organizing committee member. Along with it will be delivered the registration forms completely filled out.
Mr Andrea Sassi, as president of jury, will ensure that the delivered shrimps are according to the category written on the transport packet. If is no possible to assign precisely the category, the group will be placed in an aquarium only for display and it cannot participate to the contest.


The judges will be appointed by the president of the jury, identified among sector experts; they will be outside of the competition (there will not be specimens of their production-import in competition) and from different nationalities. This will ensure the complete neutrality and transparency in the judgment.
The judges will evaluate all the groups in the various competition categories and adopting an international evaluation system , they will designate the category winners and the BiS.
The award for "Best shrimp in competition" will be elected by a single evaluation of the president of the jury based on  different parameters.


Method of Judgment:
It will used the same valuation method used in major European competitions to standardize the evaluation criteria. The group that will have the higher score ( the sum of scores for each evaluation) will be considered the winner of the category. Prizes will be awarded to the top three of each category (the first with a trophy and the second and third with a certificate of merit). The best in show (with a trophy) and the “Best shrimp in competition” (with a trophy); this particular prize will contain only a single specimen of any group. The Best in show will be chosen with an additional vote from all the judges. The BiS candidates will be the winners group (first) of each category.
If there will be a tie, the president of jury will decide the winner.

During the judgment, which will take place on Friday, will be forbidden the access to visitors and competitors to the championship area for a minimum of two hours, in order to avoid distraction to the judges. The winners and the total amount of votes for each group will be announced on Saturday.
Sunday, September 29, will be the award ceremony, where will be announced the winners groups of the various categories , the BiS group and the "Best shrimp in competition."
Conditions of registration:
Each participant can register their shrimps in one of the 13 categories listed below. Each participant can register maximum 3 groups for each category.



  • Categoria 1: Caridina cf. cantonensis RED BEE grado A-S;
  • Categoria 2: Caridina cf. cantonensis BLACK BEE grado A-S;
  • Categoria 3: Caridina cf. cantonensis RED BEE grado SS-SSS;
  • Categoria 4 : Caridina cf. cantonensis BLACK BEE grado SS-SSS;
  • Categoria 5: Caridina cf. cantonensis BLUE TIGER – RED TIGER;
  • Categoria 6: Caridina cf. cantonensis BLACK TIGER – ROYAL BLUE – BLUE PRUSSIAN;
  • Categoria 7: Caridina cf. cantonensis TAWIAN BEE: PANDA/KINGKONG; BLUE PANDA/KING KONG; RED WINE/RUBY;
  • Categoria 8: Caridina cf. cantonensis SNOW WHITE; RED BOLT; BLUE BOLT;
  • Categoria 9: Caridina cf. cantonensis WILD; SUPER RED;FULL RED; WHITE BEE;
  • Categoria 10: Caridina cf. cantonensis VARIETA’ INSTABILI: TIGER BEE; PINTO;
  • Categoria 11: Neocaridina  heteropoda VARIETA’ ROSSA: CHERRY; FIRE; SAKURA;
  • Categoria 12: Neocaridina  heteropoda VARIETA' GIALLA: YELLOW FIRE NEON; YELLOW FIRE;
  • Categoria 13: Neocaridina  heteropoda ALTRE VARIETA’: ORANGE; BLUE; CHOCOLATE; BLACK; WILD;


Number of shrimps for each category:
The number is from a minimum of 3 (three) to a maximum of 5 (five) shrimps. If there are more than 3 shrimps per group, only the top three, chosen by the judges, will be judged.
If the group members in a category were fewer than four, the president of the jury will be able to incorporate that category to another, based on the types of categories.
The organizing committee accepts no responsibility for any accidents that occur during the exhibition of the subjects.


Registration fee:
The registration fee is €15.00 (fifteen) for each group.


Premature end of registration period:
A maximum of 100 participants is planned for the Championship. Enrollments will be accepted based on the time of arrival. The upper limit for receipt of entries is fixed to the filling of the available tanks ( but not later than September 5, 2013).
We clarified that the end can be anticipated if it were prematurely reached the maximum number of entries.


Delivery terms:
The groups in competition must be received to the exhibiton area before the 19.00 of Thursday 26-09-2013. There are no assurance that the groups that will arrive after this time should be allowed in competition. For eventual problems or for a late delivery please contact the organizing committee.

Tanks in the competition:
Will be made available for the competition 100 aquariums 20x20h20.
The water parameters are maintained within the limits allowed by the various categories.


Neutral substrate suitable for shrimps.


single lamp - LED Tecnology;


Air internal filter


Water quality and values: pH 7.00, 250-300 microsiemens


The tanks will be numbered consecutively.
After the judgment, each tank will be labeled with the category, the name of the breeder and the points awarded or the ranking.


End of the contest:
The subjects in competition will be withdrawn within 20.00 of 29-09-2013 by the owner or the person who deputize him, by submitting the form that will be released in the delivery stage.
Specimens which are NOT withdrawn within the time and date set, become automatically property of the organization.


For any question please contact the organizing committee to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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