A perfect organization looked after to the smallest details. This is what can I say in a few words of Napoli Aquatica.


As representing of Salento Aquarium Club, toghether with Alessandra Tubifato, in this edition we have dealt with the realization of Discus Breeding Group competition 2013. After about 5 hours of highway, approaching the Jambo1 mall, we did more and more realized that Napoli aquatica had to be something very different from simple "fish market fair" as someone had reported it was. The billboards scattered throughout the territory never ended, and upon arrival a presentation graphics worthy of the best international events.


Now it was necessary to ascertain whether the internal respected the beauty of what we saw outside ... Even better! Because, although still under construction, everything transmitted quality from every square meter of exhibition space! All in line with what I had been anticipated by Christian Pedone and by my dear friend Carmelo Aricò.


We were presented the Staff and in my opinion I would say this was a real highlight! Everyone had a very specific task that was done quickly and perfectly. I say that this has been a great strength because, having participating in the organization of other events, I well  understand how essential it is a good division of tasks and the desire by everyone to give their best!


That said, we immediately began the preparation of the Discus Breeding Group sector and apart from the small problems that always occur in an "offsite" outfitting,  just thanks to the cooperation of all, we were able to set in motion the tanks in just one day.


Although everything executed to perfection, I can't deny that I was assailed by tension because of the responsibility for the success of the competition in a context of such high levels.


From Tuesday evening, early breeders began to arrive and to insert in the tanks their own Discus groups. I was really excited to see that Italian breeders had brought noteworthy and most diverse varieties trios to the competition. So it's nice to be able to dispel the rumor that Italian breeders are not in step with the times or, even worse, that in Italy there are not breeders.


Thursday evening was the day of evaluation of judges that, much tired because of the commitment for the NaQ contest, they had to share the assessment for the Discus Breeding Group in two tranches, ending Friday about 1 p.m.. It were ignited a thousand threads on the yardstick of judgment of this competition because, depending on the culture of aquarium/trade of each of the judges (and their country of origin) , they would have been able to judge some aspects over other in case it must be assessed the hobby /professional rather than professional/commercial level. Clearly they early have arrived for a common meeting point that led to proclaim almost unanimously the most beautiful 3 groups.


For phenotypic similarity between 3 discus exposed, for the health status and for respect of the standard of variety, was elected 3rd classified the group of Solid Red by Sergio Casati, 2nd classified the group of Leopard by RT Gennaro Nuzzo and 1st classified the group of Blue Diamond by Sergio Casati.


The greatest satisfaction that I could have tried is to see that the breeders were enthusiastic about their results because working for years to genetic selection of the discus and get the desired result with the evaluation of an international jury consisting of: Bernd Degen, Iroshi Irie, Andrew Soh, Cuneyt Birol and Sergey Goryushkyn, where each of them has given a very clear and detailed explanation of his own decision for each group of discus exposed, must be a matchless satisfaction! And that makes me completely forget about all the great efforts made ​​to realize this competition.


As well as the many compliments received by visitors and breeders, not least Tony Tan that was quite disappointed by not being able to register a group of his Discus since his request came to the inscriptions now completed.


On behalf of the Salento Aquarium Club, I thank Christian Pedone, Carmelo Aricò, Bernd Degen, Iroshi Irie, Andrew Soh, Cuneyt Birol and Sergey Goryushkyn, all the Staff of Napoli Aquatica and the sponsors Tetra and Prodac who have supported us and helped us in the realization of Discus Breeding Group competition 2013! And I sincerely hope that this is just the starting point for an event that will be repeated in the coming years in collaboration with this beautiful reality that is Napoli Aquatica.


Salvatore Greco



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