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NaQ LIVE International Aquascaping Contest 2015 - REGULATION


The inscription to the contest depends on the full acceptance of this regulation by all the partecipants, who must identify the organization of Napoli Aquatica as the only authority able to interpretate this regulation.


All natural person, men and women, who are 18 years of age, are eligible to participate in the contest, regardless of nationality.
Competitors who cannot formally ensure its own presence in Naples during the dates September 25, 26 and 27, 2015, will not be taken in account and will not participate in competition.


The contest aims for divulgation and development of a specific branch of the aquarium and for the enhancement of individual talent. The goal is to show and bring the public closer to the aquascaping art and to the aquarium in general, setting-up and showing exciting works, in an accurate and original manner.


The contest will admit twelve (12) competitors who will enter the LIVE final phase, consisting of creating a live aquascape during the event Napoli Aquatica 2015 International. The group of finalist competitors will be composed of:

  • Nr.2 (two) competitors who will access directly to the final phase for acquired merits in Napoli Aquatica 2013:
    • A. Fabio LORUSSO – Best in Show NaQ2013;
    • B. Enrico KOCH – Originality Award NaQ2013.
  • No.6 (six) Top Seed - competitors observed and selected in the group – NaQ Partner - which have been distinguished by individual skills, professional skills, experience shown during the last five years and for existing merits
  • No.4 (four) competitors that will come from the preliminary phases of the NaQ ONLINE competition.


The competition will take place in two easy steps:
Selection: self-nomination phase, everyone can express willingness to participate, without any limitation. In this first phase, the evaluation by technical jury for each competitor will be based on its personal experience, on a short interview and for merits acquired in the past. The jury will select the four best candidates who, before receiving the formal invitation of Naples Aquatica for participation in the live final, will formally commit to be present at the fair to set up one of the 12 aquariums in competition.


Competitors will have to:
A. Accept entirely the present regulations;
B. Fill the adhesion form online with their data, available on the official website of the event;
C. Answer to the interview found in this online form;
D. Attach at least 2 (two) images of their own aquariums - past works. In this phase, the jury committee will evaluate the candidate assigning a score based on the clear parameters. Will be created a ranking and the four candidates with most points will enters the final phase.


2nd Step: FINAL LIVE:
Competitors will have to:
A. Commit formally and unconditionally to be present at the seat of the event Napoli Aquatica 2015 – International Aquarium Expo – no later than 08.30 a.m. on September 25, 2015, to attend the final LIVE Aquascaping Contest, which will end at 09.00 p.m. on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Finalist competitors, to enter the final LIVE, will have to subscribe a contract – legally filed – with Napoli Aquatica company, for their own protection, the one of the sponsors and the protection of the whole event.


Considering strong “European” characteristics of styles made in previous editions by aquascapers competing, NaQ LIVE Aquascaping Contest 2015 will propose radical changes, allowing access even to “not-Italian” passionate who has the desire to show their talent. A series of modernizations which will bring the contest at equal level to others international events already in program to Napoli Aquatica - International Aquarium Expo. In this sense, it is believed that the event, so far characterized by strong "Italianity" of competitors in the race and of the companies that since many years sponsors and supports this event, may represent not only an important showcase for the aquascaping made in Italy, but may be the driving force at European level as support for a specific branch aquarium rapidly expanding.
It is no coincidence that companies that rank, since years, as partners of the event are all Italian. A "tricolor", also from the merely economic point of view, that stands in a strategic manner over the entire event. An “Italianity”, with strong European identity, which has by now proven to be second to none, so being able to liberate itself to the weight of competition from companies overseas, taking advantage of a highly prestigious stage where art, culture and philosophy come together in a unicum of great value and infinite potentiality.
The philosophy of the contest is "no philosophy".
For years, the international panorama of events dedicated to aquascaping features improbable landscapes markedly artifacts that share nothing with the basic concept of the natural aquarium: "Watch nature, learn from nature".

With this strong identity, we propose to conduct the passionate, but also the mere spectator, through the creation of mainly Italian and European landscapes. A journey where fantasy is not fiction and the talent may really express the varied composition of our panoramas.
The partnership with the group, for years at the forefront for the disclosure of made in Italy aquagardening, seals and certifies the desire of a tradition that by now belongs to us: "A natural aquarium where nature is reproduced in every its facets, in every its aspects, in every its color, every its mood changes ... leaving aside the mystical landscapes and improbable submerged forests ". .


Aquarium overall impression: 0/10 points
Originality: 0/5 points
Implementation difficulties: 0/5 points
Choice and health of plants: 0/5 points
Closely related with the philosophy of the competition, the jury committee will take into account the natural landscape rebuilt, the coherence of composition, the expertise and the respect by the aquascaper in the use of plants. Will be penalized unnatural compositions and/or overly contrived ones. The day September 27, aquariums will be judged by the jury committee. Based on the chosen parameters, will be elected "best creation" winner, which will be officially announced during the awards ceremony. In accordance with different parameters, will be awarded the layout considered more original.


The setting will start and will end:
Friday 11:00 am - start two set up;
Friday 14.30 - start two set up;
Friday 16.30 - start two set up;
Allowed time for six setting up: h 20.00 on the same day.
Saturday 10:00 am - start two set up;
Saturday 14.30 - start two set up;
Saturday 16.30 - start two set up;
Allowed time for the six set up: h 20.00 on the same day.

The organization will make available to competitors twelve (12) complete aquariums provided by ELOS - The Aquarium Company, the main sponsor of the contest. As stated in the adhesion form, the competitors will have to set up aquariums with the following measures: 80x43x40 cm.

ANUBIAS Italia, gold sponsor of the contest, will provide plants necessary for the preparations. The finalist competitors, by filling the "flora form", will have to define in detail variety and quantity of plants necessary for creating their own layout.
Competitors will have to indicate, with precision, all materials that they need for their layout.
Materials will be provided by the organization through partner companies.


Based on the principles and fundamental philosophy of the contest, which tends to valorise the capacity, genius and creativity of the participants, will be allowed to each competitor to use own material for setting up, as roots and stones.
The eventual use of own materials must be reported to the organization within the time allowed and through filling the adhesion form.
The Napoli Aquatica company will have the copyright of the setting up aquarium. Therefore, we reserve the granting of rights on any eventual sales, by the sponsor companies and owners of the equipment, tanks, even if fully set up.
If it is proposed the sale of an aquarium containing material of property of competitors, entered in the adhesion form, the latter commit to divest this material without any changes to the layout. Competitors must also commit with the organization a refund to be agreed based on its commercial value. For these principles and conditions, the competitors cannot use materials / furnishings that have not been previously indicated in the adhesion forms.
Aquariums in competition, for no reason, may be "dismantled" before the end of the event (September 27, 2015 at 21.00). After this time, competitors will regain their material, during dismantling of aquariums in competition.
For no reason and in no case: the competitors may NOT fill in the "show tanks" compositions prepared in advance of the start time given. Each element of the composition will be prepared within the competition area and in the time allowed to the competitor.


The names of the jury members will be announced some weeks before the final LIVE.


SELEZIONE:SELECTION: from 15 April 2015 and until July 15, 2015. Competitors may register and participate in the selection phase. On the official website of the event, by July 30, will be published the works of competitors admitted to the LIVE final. By 10 August 2015, the winners of the selection will be put in contact with the organization for the acceptance of the terms and conditions, therefore, for the access to the final NaQ LIVE 2015. The full finalists panel, with related personal cards, will be published on the official website of the event by the date August 31, 2015.

The present regulations may be modified according to the organizational process. In case of changes, will be on the initiative of the organization to inform competitors in the shortest possible time



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