Napoli Aquatica World Discus Championship 2015


The inscription to "Napoli Aquatica International Discus Contest 2015" depends on the full acceptance of this regulation by all the participants, who must identify the organization of Napoli Aquatica as the only authority able to interpretate this regulation.
The contest will take place during Napoli Aquatica – International Aquarium Expo 2015. The seats is in Italy, in the Jambo1 Mall Expo area (Trentola Ducenta – Caserta) – Strada Provinciale Trentola Parete.

  • a) Registrations for the competition depends on the payment of the registration fee (non-refundable) of 45,00€ for each Discus
  • b) For competitors who will enter to the competition a number of discus included from 4 and 7, the registration fee is 40,00 € for each Discus
  • c) For competitors who will enter to the competition a number of discus equal to or higher than 8, the registration fee is € 27,00 for each Discus
  • d) Each participant will not enroll more than 4 discus in the same category

    The payment of the registration fee must be made in favor of:
    Napoli Aquatica
    ABI: 02008
    CAB: 74792
    CIN: U
    C/C: 000401363051
    IBAN: IT82U0300274792000401363051
    UniCredit Banca di Roma

  • It's possible to register your own Discus:
    • 1. Registering on the website and filling the form in the Discus Championship Area.
    • 2. By downloading, compiling and sending e-mail the “Registration Form " to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • a) Fishes registered to the competition will have to be placed in the assigned aquariums from 18.00 to 20.00 on Tuesday , 22 September 2015 and from 9.30 on Wednesday 23 September to 11.30 on Thursday 24 September 2015; any delay will not be accepted. Straggler competitors will risk non-acceptance of their fishes without any reimbursement
  • b) Napoli Aquatica 2015 is open to registrations from all over the world. Each participant will be able to enroll their fishes in 9 established categories to which they believe they belong
  • c) Each Italian participant, who will declare not to be professionals, will compete for the title of "Best NaQ Italian Amateur Discus Breeder 2015".
  • Gruppi
    Categorie Giudici Preselezione
    First Group
    Wild Captive Breeding Forms  

    Second Group
    Breeding forms

    Pattern and Stripe - Brown base (including Snake skin)  
    Pattern and Stripe - Yellow base  
    Solid Blu  
    Yellow* (se in numero sufficiente)  
    Red Spotted  
    Albino Solid and Pattern* (se in numero sufficiente)  
    *The absence of an adequate number of specimens and at the discretion of the organization NAQ, Discus included in the categories nr.6 and 8 will be incorporated in the category nr.9 and the two categories will be eliminated.

  • d) The organization of Napoli Aquatica reserves the final and unappelable decision to reassign the category of the fish; it can also be suggested by the Jury. If the competitor doesn't agree with the decision taken by the organization, he will not be refunded and the discus will be excluded from the competition
  • e) After the insertion into the aquariums, that will happen in the presence of an organization's member, the responsible of the jury and a member of the organizing committee will provide to the possible exclusion of specimens with serious defects/deformities.

      Serious defects
      Are considered defects of disqualification:
    • 1. Hard rays missing
    • 2. Prominent goiter
    • 3. Concave throat
    • 4. Shape too high of the body
    • 5. A short gill cover (operculum) bent or outwards.
    • Are also considered defects of disqualification, all the showy deformations which change the appearence of a classical Discus or alter the body function.
      Detrimental defects.
      Are considered penalizing defects:
    • 1. Attachment of the back fin too much high
    • 2. A body that excluding the fins seems too stretched
    • 3. Parts of the body with too wide colors
    • 4. Fins excessively long compared to the body;
    • 5. Ventral fins turn upwards;
    • 6. Lack of hydrodynamics;
    • 7. The “mouth like a dolphin” and the presence of the notch between the end of the mouth and the head;
    • 8. The scales like “orange peel”.
  • k) Will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category with a trophy (a work of high artistry / craft). Will be also awarded the Discus that will be evaluated as the best race in all categories (Best in Show), with € 5.000 * and a special trophy. The best Wild Captive Breeding Forms will receive a special trophy.
  • l) The competition will admit a maximum of 200 entries with the same number of Discus.
  • m) Water quality in the aquariums will be produced by professional equipment, and then calibrated with classical parameters of breeding (7.2/7.8 pH, conductivity 250 ms and temperature 28°). The aquariums contain about 100 liters of water. The organization cannot be considered responsible for the "health" of the fishes in contest that for no reason can be fed during the competition. Suited staff will supervise that any form of pain or suffering will be inflicted to the fishes. The organization recommends not feed the Discus in the three days before their carriage.
  • n) The fishes that will arrived in serious bad health condition will be putted into appropriate “quarantine tanks” for the protection of other competitors in contest and of the same specimens. Therefore they will not be admitted to the contest in order to be, possibly, treated and recovered.
  • o) Again, it is absolutely forbidden for competitors after the insertion of the Discus in the aquariums, to do anything "in the aquarium" and to add Discus in the race unless authorized by the organization. The Discus cannot be removed from the aquariums for no reason. The result will be the exclusion from the contest.
  • p) The discus, which will require urgent intervention before voting, will be treated (if authorized by the owner) in accordance with the instructions of the staff and excluded from the contest. In the absence or lack of availability of the owner, the organization, without any liability, will deal with any emergency.
  • q) The international jury will begin the evaluation of the Discus in contest on Thursday, September 24, 2015 from 14:00. The winners will be ufficialized on Friday, September 25, and awarded at 16:00 on Sunday, September 27, 2015.
  • r) International jury:
    The figure of jury co-president is identified in Mr. Carmelo Aricò (Italy - responsible NAQ Discus Contest).
    INFORMATION/NOTE The best fish of the first group (Wild Caught) "Best in show" will be awarded with a special trophy and it will not partecipate to the selection of the "Best in show". All the other groups will be judged with:
    • 1. JUDGING SYSTEM POINT, all the judges will use the system of evaluation with points (point system). From this evaluation, in order with the result obtained, will be proclaimed the first, the second and the third for each category.
    • 2. BEST IN SHOW, the proclamation of the "Best in Show" will be discussed among all the judges who will choose, for majority, the winner among the Discus who have obtained the highest score in the overall standings.
    • 3. The discus that will get the highest score among all discus enrolled by Italian amateur breeders, will be awarded as the 1° Italian Champion.
    • INFORMATION: Reading, signing and approving the registration form, the result of the elections will be irrevocable and the judge evaluation will be unappelable.

  • s) The awards and then the delivery of trophies and prizes to the winners, will take place at 16:00 of Sunday, September 27, 2015 in the ceremony area that will be inside the pavilion 1 (one).
  • t) The discus will be removed from the competition aquariums only after 18.00 on Sunday, September 27, 2015. The organization will provide participants with oxygen and water for the "return trip"; Please provide yourselves with personal nets and packing material. For safety reasons and to avoid contamination, Napoli Aquatica will not provide neither the necessary material for taking out the Discus from competition tanks nor the equipment for their transport.
  • u) IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Enrolled Discus will be combined exclusively with a single name or brand and the indication of its nation. In the case of entries with multiple names or brand, Napoli Aquatica will consider only the first name and belonging nation.
  • v) INFORMATION: NaQ Best Italianamateurdiscusbreeder 2015 – the champion among Italian amateur discus breeder. All participants in the international competition who are resident in Italy and will declare, at the time of registration, not to be professionals, will compete for the title of "Best NaQ Italianamateurdiscusbreeder 2015". Their specimens will be judged by an international jury and will compete anyway to all titles of the world competition. However they will entry in a second overall standings, regardless of the belonging category. The discus that will get the highest score among all discus enrolled by Italian amateur breeders, will be awarded as "Best NaQ Italianamateurdiscusbreeder 2015";


*In accordance with Presidential Decree nr.430/2001 prizes will be awarded to winners in the manner and form set out in the "technical" regulation that will be published in appropriate times on the official website of the event, prizes are inclusive of VAT.



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