1. Description and title of the event

Fourth edition of Napoli Aquatica - International Aquarium Expo -  in Naples - 2015
a) The exhibition will follow the philosophy and the typology of the specialized fair and exhibition market, limited to the fishkeeping merchandising sector or to related sector (art 3/1 B e D).
b) Definitions:
I.  "Specialized fair" limited to one or more homogeneous merchandising sectors linked together; it reserved to professionals and there is direct presentation and promotion of goods and services on display with transaction on sample; Public can access as visitor but only in pre-defined times.
II. "Merchandising sector" limited to one or more homogeneous merchandising sectors linked together; it is open to the general audience and professionals. These events allow the promotion and marketing of products and services on display, with an immediate or deferred delivery.
c) NaQ reserves the right to communicate and disclose dates, times and specific areas with the unchallengeable right to change them.


2. Organizers
The event is organized by Napoli Aquatica - Agency Events Management - head office in Pozzuoli - Naples (Italy), Via Mollusco nr.14 (indicated below as organization or NaQ), in cooperation with the CIS Meridionale Srl and Staging Italia Srl.


3. Place, Date and opening hours of the event
a) The event will take place on 25-26-27th September 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 an area set up within the expo area of the Jambo1 mall, site in the town of Trentola Ducenta (CE) - Italy on the "Trentola-Parete" road.
b) Napoli Aquatica reserves the unquestionable right to modify the date and opening hours of the Event.
c) On the 24th the access to the event shall be limited to Italian and foreign operators in possession of a specific admission document.
d) To enable the exhibitors and their staff, the organizers shall produce ad hoc passes in according to the Mq indicated below:
up to 12 sm.q.                     n.4
from over 13 to 24 sq.m.      n.6
from over 25 to 32 sq.m.      n.8
from over 33 to 60 sq.m.      n.15
from over 61 to 100 sq.m.    n.20
over 100 sq.m.                    n.25
All passes must bear the name of the user.
e) Each exhibitor is responsible to all intents and purposes for the conduct of all the people that receive a pass from him as well as for the conduct of his employees and collaborators in the performance of the tasks assigned to them.
f) Inside Napoli Aquatica it is absolutely prohibited any other activities not in keeping with the purposes of the exhibition like political or religious propaganda, to engage in fund raising on behalf of recognized institutions etc.
g) May be accepted at the fair Italian and foreign companies exhibiting and (selling) their products or services belonging to the product sectors covered by the fair.
h) May be accepted at the fair Trade Associations, Public Bodies and Organizations engaging, as part of their institutional activities, in actions of promotion, study, information and dissemination of knowledge in the sectors covered by the event.
i) Person or entities that under any title owe money to Napoli Aquatica, shall not be admitted to the exhibition.
j) Napoli Aquatica reserves the right to refuse admission to particular services, products or samples and to forbid their presentation at stands belonging to the same product sector.
k) Napoli Aquatica also reserves the right to decide whether or not to admit any operators. This decision is taken in consideration of the available spaces and the possession of titles and qualifications by the operators, and any other circumstance considered important by NaQ for the success of the exhibition. This decision is unconditional and discretional, so the exhibitors can submit a formal request to ask more information about the exclusion within 45 days of the closing of the exhibition.
l) Exhibitors have to send to NaQ the list of the companies they represent and whose products they intend to display, as well as the relevant data.
m) The applicant shall submit any other documentation as may be requested by Napoli Aquatica to decide on his admission and to assess - at any time - compliance with the established terms of participation to the fair.


4. Pets sale and presentation
a) Live animals are allowed, provided they are treated and held in accordance with current legislation.
b)  Napoli Aquatica is not responsible for any non-compliance or violations of laws and regulations by the exhibitors. NAQ reserves the right to refuse animals at the fair, whose possession, display and / or sale is not in accordance with all parameters, laws and regulations.
c) The exhibitor will be the only responsible of anything will happen to his stand, as well as:
I.   The introduction of endangered species without the C.I.T.E.S. certificate (convention on International Trade of Endangered species);
II.  Unsuitable treatment of animals.
III. Illegal overcrowding of cages and aquariums.
IV.  Mistreatment of the species due to inappropriate parameters, as well as: temperature, oxygenation, lighting, substratums and measures of tanks/cages/containers etc.
V.  Any disease of the animals or their their death at the fair in any case directly or indirectly related to their detention in the event.
VI.  Non-issuance of till receipts and sales check.
VII. Lack of documents for the possession of certain species or lack of registration required by law.
VIII. Everything that can happen in the stand


5. Application for admission, advance payment of participation fees and terms of payment
a) The application for admission shall be submitted on the relevant form, duly filled in, undersigned and accompanied by an advance payment corresponding to 35% of the participation fees.
b) Upon receiving the notice of acceptance of his application for admission, the applicant shall pay the amount due within 30 days of the request for the balance outstanding, and at all events by and not later than 01/08/2015.
c) If an applicant fails to do so, NaQ shall be entitled to consider the agreement terminated through breach of contract by the applicant, without having to serve an injunction or a Court order. In this case, NaQ shall give formal notice to the person/entity concerned and - in addition to being released of any obligation and being authorized to make whatever use they choose of the stand and/or to assign it to other applicants - they shall be entitled to full payment - by way of penalty - of the admission fees and any other amount due under the agreement, after deducting any amounts already collected under said headings, and subject to their right to seek further damage.


6. Stands allocation
a) The stands shall be allocated at the discretions of Napoli Aquatica. Any indications or special requests communicated by the exhibitors will be considered as an indication of preference; they shall not be binding and shall not condition the effectiveness of the application for admission.
b) NaQ shall have the right to move, reduce the size of transfer to a different exhibition zone a stand already allocated, without the participant being entitled to any indemnity or refund of any sort; NaQ shall notify any such changes to the exhibitors.
c) The exhibition area allocated cannot be transferred to others, whether fully or partly, ehether foe a consideration of free or charge. In the event of breach of these terms, NaQ shall be entitled to removing the goods introduced and displayed abusively, at the risk and expenses of the defaulting exhibitor.
d) NaQ will consider, in a discretionary and non-binding way,


7. Withdrawal
a) If due to legitimate and proven causes an exhibitor becomes unable to take part in the exhibition, he can withdraw from the agreement by providing evidence of the impediment and notifying it to NaQ by registered mail with a warning of at least 60 days of the opening date of the fair, subject to the acquisition by NaQ of 50% of the enrolment fees and subject to the NaQ's right to seek further damage.
b) If the notice is given with a warning shorter than 60 days of the opening date of the fair, the participant shall pay the participation fees in full, subject to NaQ's right to seek further damage.
c) NaQ shall make use of the stand they deem fit, including assigning it to other exhibitors.
d) If the withdrawal notice is not given at all and the exhibitor fails to set up his stand, the exhibitor shall be rated as defaulting to all intents and purposes and, in addition to paying the participation fees in full, shall also be under an obligation to refund any direct or consequential damages suffered by NaQ.
e) The assessment of the causes that prevent a company from participating is up to the judgement of the organizers.
f) NaQ can withdraw at its discretion from the agreement up to 30 days before the opening date of the fair and, for reasons to do with the organization and regular execution of the event, up to the opening day. In this case, NaQ shall be under no obligation to pay any indemnity or damage of any sort, but shall refund the participation fees previously collected.


8. Delivery of the stands and exhibition areas
a) The stands shall be made available to the exhibitors on 22/09/2015.
b) The setting up of the stands must be completed by the 21:00 of the day before the inauguration of the fair, and failure to do so by the exhibitor may be cause for termination for breach of contract, according to the same modalities and with the same consequences as described in art. 7.
c) The access to the fair ground will be allowed only to authorized personnel who will be notified by the exhibitor space holder. The exhibitor will be directly responsible to those who will set up the booth or of any firm stand fitting.


9. Participation fees
a) The participation fees will be decided according to: subscription fee (fixed fee), price for sq.m., services, contribution for catalogue publication, internet services, wi-fi connection within the halls and extra spot lighting. The prices are quoted on the application for admission.
b) The rates per sq.m. apply to the entire surface of the space taken up, with continuity of perimeter by the same company.
c) In addition to the availability of the halls with all the annexed services made available, participation fees include the amounts due for services which are specified on the application for admission.


10.Booth fitting up
a) Booth fitting up must be restricted to the assigned area/stand.
b) Are not allowed equipment, goods or aquariums located outside the stand.
c) The installations and the relevant systems shall be workmanlike and built in compliance with all applicable standards.
d) The exhibitor is responsible for the assigned stand and for electrical systems not provided by NAQ. NaQ reserves the right to close the stand if there are items in contravention of articles or regulations.
e) All responsibilities to do with the static design of the installations, the execution and the operation of the systems and any damages as may be suffered by people or things owned by NaQ or third parties also rest exclusively with the exhibitor.
f) NaQ, in accomplishment of the law on safety, may fix special criteria of access to the fair district during stand installation and limit access to means transport as well as define charges in case means of transport are parked outside allowed areas and/or time periods defined by the organizers.
g) Failure to comply with these terms gives to NaQ the right to take precautionary measures against companies with stands non conforming to the applicable regulations, which might entail, if it proves necessary to adopt supplementary measures in order to ensure global safety conditions, a charge for expenses incurred, which are estimated on a preliminary basis not be lower than € 250,00 per 12 sq.m. booth, or an injunction to dismantle the stand, either fully or partly, and a declaration of unsuitability for use of the stand involved.
h) Failure to comply with the applicable safety standards may be reported to the judicial authority.


11.Fittings height
a) Fittings maximum height is 2.50 m.
b) In consideration of possible thicknesses due to shims, illuminating bodies and lattice illuminating bodies, 0.30 cm in addition to the above mentioned height will be admitted, so reaching the maximum height of 2.80 m.
c) These exceptions will be allowed considering the structural characteristics of the exhibition area. The exhibitor must communicate the characteristics of the excess equipment  with a detailed project and have to wait the approval from NaQ that reserves in any case the possibility of refusing installation.
d) When designing continuous delimitation walls, the stand may be closed with elements, panels or other, only up to 50% of each open side to respect the visibility of the adjoining and facing stands.


12.Returning the stands
a) Upon the conclusion of the event, the exhibitors shall remove all the items, product and material installed and take it out from the fair district.
b) The stand must be freed by the 8.00 pm of 28/09/2015.
c) The exhibitor shall return the stand in the status it was received.
d) If the exhibitor fails to respect the time for dismantling the stand and free the area, he expresses his unquestionable consent to let remove all the items, products and material left unattended. The exhibitor will also pay all direct and indirect expenses for removal and possible refund for other damages.
e) The participant expressly authorizes the organizers to make sure that the vehicles and luggage of the exhibitors and - or his appointees leaving the fair grounds contain no products and materials other than those installed on the stand.
f) NaQ assumes no responsibility for the goods, materials and whatever else is left unattended by the exhibitors on the premises of the fair.


13.Surveillance against theft - liability for the theft and damage - non accountability of NaQ - Clause of indemnity
a) During the opening hours of the pavilions, the exhibitor shall watch over his stand, either directly or through his staff.
b) The exhibitor shall be present, through his staff, at the stand area during the event opening time.
c) During the exhibition, including the fitting up and dismantling days, the exhibitor is the only keeper of all materials, goods and equipment in the stand area. Being the keeper of the stand, the exhibitor shall release substantially and judicially NaQ from any liability and keep it uninjured from any loss, damages and responsibility, costs or expenses, including legal costs, deriving from the use of the stand and space assigned.
d) While it shall provide a general night and day surveillance service during the entire period of the exhibition and the days specified for stand installation and removal, NaQ shall be exempted from any liability for any theft and/or damages as may be suffered by the exhibitor.
e) The exhibitor shall be liable for any direct or consequential damage that NaQ may suffer and that may be ascribed to the exhibitor or people working for the exhibitor.


14.Insurance - exemption, assumption and limit of liabilities
a) Soon it will be notified


15.Value declaration
a) The exhibitor must declare the presumed value of goods, materials, installations and equipment brought to the fair premises, including those of the represented companies, by filling in the special section in the application form.
b) The exhibitor relieves NaQ from any responsibility for all damages suffered by him and due to weather.


a) The stand cleaning service, which is included in the service fees, shall be performed by the organizers during closing hours.
b) Customized paid service can be supplied on request.


17.Damages to the stands
a) At the end of the event, the exhibitors shall let the organizers verify the conditions of repair of the stands.
b) The stands have to be returned in the conditions in which they were consigned.
c) Costs for repairing any damages will be billed to the responsible exhibitor.


18.Loudspeakers, sound programmes
a) Sound presentations and the use of television sets will be permitted inside the booth as long as they do not cause nuisance.
b) The organizers will use the pavilion-installed loudspeakers for official communications or in case of emergency.

19.Product delivery and temporary storage
a) NaQ will allow the receipt of goods for the fair by participating companies.
b) The cost of consignment will be borne by the exhibitor.
c) The goods will be stored (up to fill the spaces provided) in the stock room of CIS meridionale Srl and will be delivered to the exhibitor directly at the stand area.
d) NaQ and CIS Meridionale Srl are exempt from any responsibility for the work of the forwarding agent /consigner chosen by the exhibitor and in relation to any failure or damage to the goods sent.
e) The cost for the service of reception and custody will be calculated and reported according to the days of parking and the quantity of the goods.
f)  Is forbidden to do consignment without the approval of NaQ; in that case NaQ will not accept the goods  without notice or obligation to the sender.


20.Technical area and supplies
a) For the electricity service, NaQ will make use of a specialized firm.
b) NaQ shall supply to the exhibitor eletricity for the lighting, equipment and accessories.
c) The stand has only one lighting point which is included in the participation fee. Companies that make an advance notice can have supplementary lighting point. Every additional lighting point costs 20,00 €.
d) The additional lighting point must be notified and reported precisely to NaQ in the design of the stand, at least 60 days before the start of the event.
e) NaQ will be responsible for production, heating and storage of demineralized water with reverse osmosis systems that will make available to exhibitors. NaQ will provide a sufficient amount of pre-filtered and rested water to everyone.
f) Exhibitors who have specific needs related to water chemical parameters, with special details and quantity, must communicate it at least 60 days before the start of the event. Over that period, NaQ will not guarantee the necessary water to the exhibitor's needs.
g) Exhibitors are required to report the amount of water in relation to their needs. In the absence of specific communication and approval, NAQ does not guarantee in any way the supply of specific water.
h) NAQ cannot be held in any way responsible for any deaths of animals at the fair.


21.Car parks
a) Only the vehicles in possession of a special pass are allowed to enter the Fair ground, until all available parking spaces have been taken up.
b) NaQ and CIS Meridionale assume no responsibility for the custody of vehicles and shall not be liable for theft or damages of any sort.


22.Special prohibitions
In particular, exhibitors cannot engage in the following activities:
a) Any form of advertisement outside his stand.
b) Distribution of advertisement materials is permitted only in your own exhibition space.
c) The display of any product conflicting with the commodity class characterizing the stand.
d) The display of sign boards or samples, even purely indicative ones, on behalf of companies not listed in the application for admission and not represented.
e) It is not possible to expose goods or  materials outside of the stand.
f) If an exhibitor fails to observe any of the prohibitions specified above, the organizers shall terminate the participation agreement without having to obtain a court order, simply through a written notification to the exhibitor, addresses to the stand of the latter. This shall entail the immediate closing of the stand and the withdrawal of the passes to the fair district, without this detracting in any way from the exhibitor's obligation to pay the amounts due under the participation agreement.


23.Postponement, reduction or suspension of the exhibition
a) At their own discretion, the organizers have the right to change the dates of the exhibition, without this entitling the exhibitor to withdraw or in any way dissolve the commitments undertaken.
b) The organizers have the right to reduce the time duration or size of the exhibition, or suspend it in its entirety or suspend sections thereof, without having any obligation to pay indemnities, penalties or damages of any sort.


24.General provisions - Electing the domicile - Applicable law provisions - Governing law and competent court
a) The exhibitor shall abide by all provisions issued by law enforcement, fire fighting, accident prevention and public establishment surveillance authorities.
b) The exhibitor and/or any third part acting on behalf of the latter within the fair district shall use subordinate or independent personnel in keeping with the applicable laws (social security, insurance, tax regulations, etc).
c) To all legal intents and purposes, the exhibitor elects his domicile where the fair will take place (CIS Meridionale - Jambo1 Mall - Trentola Ducenta) and accepts Italian legislation as the sole governing law and the court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere as the competent court.
d) Relations between the organizers and the exhibitor and any third parties shall be governed solely by the Italian law.


25.Treatment of personal data
a) Informative report as per art.13 of the legislative decree no. 169/2003 and consent.
b) The personal data given by the participant will be treated even with data system for the purposes contained in the present application for admission and in the forms relevant to the participation, in order to pursue the institutional goals and any other activity . whether complementary or correlated - intended to foster the exchange of goods and services - of Napoli Aquatica (Agency event management), here included any initiative necessary to the ordinary management of the exhibition, on line and off line publication, evaluation of the user's satisfaction, marketing and commercial purposes, statistical and similar purposes that may imply the data communication and diffusion to third parties, whether in or outside the national territory.
c) Specific security measures are observed in order to prevent the loss of the data, illegal uses and not authorized accesses in conformity ro D.lgs 30/06/2003 n. 196 art. 31-33-34-36.
d) The treatment may be effected both directly and by third parties and the said data may be used and communicated - and disclosed to third parties - even outside the national territory for any initiative associated with or consequent to the exhibition, or designed to foster the exchange of goods and services forming the purposes of such initiative - and in particular to people/entities contributing in any form to the realization of the activities of Napoli Aquatica - and to other person/entities in the fair sector or working in the sector - and to anyone interested in the economic sectors concerned.
e) Napoli Aquatica is the holder of the treatment.
f) The participant has the right to accede to his data, as well as to request the integration, correction, updating, etc. of the data, guaranteed by art.7 of the legislative decree no. 196/2003.
g) The participant, after having taken notice of the informative report as per. 13 of the legislative decree no. 196/2003, gives his consent to the treatment of his personal data and signs the present form as a specific approval of all described clauses.



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